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Monday, February 13, 2012

Weather here and yon

Today, it is dreary, gray, cold, and wet, as evidenced by the dripping trees in our backyard.  Ah, winter -- don't you love it!

In the 8 years that Husker and I have been together, we have made several road trips.  All of my extended family is located within the area, but Husker's family is spread from coast to coast.  Every trip includes an opportunity to visit with a cousin, maybe an aunt or uncle, or sibling so that we can catch up.  It is also a chance for me to get to know Husker's family a little better. 

Part of the charm that has evolved from these visits is that we have begun to follow the weather in those far off places.  It has provided a lesson in how diverse the weather can be in some places, and also consistently the same in others.  We check our local newspaper each day to see what the weather is going to be in Boise, ID (cousin), San Diego (cousin), Phoenix (bro and nephew), Colorado area (nephew, nieces, friends), Omaha (bro, many cousins), Kansas City (sister), South Carolina (cousin), Virginia (cousin), Chicago (cousin), and on and on. 

Bill and Elaine (cousin), Boise, ID, enjoy more pleasant winter days than Omaha, NE which is at a latitude further south.  Who would have known?!

George (bro) and Cindy are in Omaha where the weather drops to colder-than-my-freezer quite regularly, then goes up to a relatively balmy 50+.  Memorial Day weekends range from chilly to perfection.  Totally unpredictable. 

Betty (sister) and Darrel, Phyllis (sister) and Jim, and Carolyn (sister) and David all live close to the northern border of Nebraska where it can get chilly after sundown in June!  That was a big revelation for this native Texan.

We have also been to San Diego (cousin Richard and Michelle) and South Carolina (cousin Sherry and Bob).  Up next will be James and Joan (cousin) who live in beautiful Virginia which we will see later this summer.  We have heard a great deal about their weather, and heard about snow shovels, etc.

It seems that the weather can be predictable for each season in some places, and wildly erratic in others.  Each trip we add another location to our ever expanding weather universe.  

As a result of our dreary weather, I am happy to stick to my knitting today.  Think socks, with a cowl up next. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shoes and Socks

2 1/2 years ago, I started my learn-to-knit odyssey with a pair of socks for my husband.  They were a disaster.  But after looking at so many patterns of luscious looking socks, I gave it another try.  I have a pair of shoes that are British Tan which does not go too well with my dark brown dress slacks, so I found a yarn that brings the two colors together very nicely.  The yarn is Trekking, made in Germany.  The socks are so comfortable that I hate to take them off!  I think the next pair of socks are in my near future.