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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Next Knit

I have selected my next project.  I encountered another knitter's blog, A Bit of String, and saw the delightful pullover she made for her daughter in March 2010.  She improvised to downsize Sarah Johnson's Rusted Root.   Peggy's result was so feminine and just what a young girl would like.  

I wonder who will get this?  I will say no more. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gimping Around

On July 4th, while at my son's house, I did something to a knee that left me somewhat painful.  Don't know what exactly I did, but I think that it may have happened while chasing Jemma through the backyard.  At any rate, I listened to my body and did not attend yoga during the following week (last week).  

I was back in class last night, and George really put us through our paces.  He is one fine teacher.  By the time I arrived home, I realized that a week off does not work for a 68 yo body.  You need your fix frequently to stay limber.  Today, I am a bit sore.  He was concentrating on our hip flexors, so the hips/low back are speaking to me, and my shoulders are telling me that I have not done a headstand for over a week.

Of course, if your knee hurts when you bend it, you can't do standing poses or inversions too well.  Oh, well ... get over it and go on.  I did.

Lilas is Blocking

The Lilas short-sleeved summer cardigan is now blocking.  This is definitely a step up for me in my knitting adventure (one year into knitting).  I find that I am learning more with every item that I do.  Now that I do not have a project of this magnitude in process (let's not talk about the wool winter cardigan that I cannot bear to work on at this time due to summer's heat), I had to do something.  So I began a toboggan for my great-granddaughter using left-over yarn from the Lilas.  In one day, I have almost completed it.  Nothing gives more instant feedback than a quick project!  I am going to finish it today, and then will be posting it.  As for the Lilas, here is a shot to let you see where I am going with this project.   

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Zion to Grand Junction

We wanted to spend our next day after Zion at Bryce National Park, but Husker and I decided that our road time was exceeding our estimations, so we left St. George in a different direction, making a short stop at the northwest corner of Zion.  This part of the park is called Kolob Canyon, but is limited to a 5-mile drive up to a lookout point.  The drive is spectacular and should not be missed.  We enjoyed a chat with another couple while at the turnaround point.  Most interesting -- he was German, retired from Exxon -- she was Australian.  They lived in Florida, his kids were in Vermont, hers in Arizona.  So they traveled a lot.

We usually meet a lot of interesting people when we travel.  Husker is so very good at chatting people up.

The views on the drive to the top were beyond superlatives.  Photos cannot not do the views justice.

Lilas cardigan

I have had my eye on the Lilas cardigan from the Yarniad, and finally got started with it.  The collar is almost finished, and I am feeling very good about it.  I still cannot knit more than about 4 rows at a time or my wrist/thumb will become very achy.  Frustrating.

I have started using a wrist brace, but I am not sure that it is doing me any good.  I am considering purchasing a compression glove that covers the thumb.  I wish I knew how well these work before I purchase.  Does anyone know?

If you recall, I set aside the Avocet B (wool) to work on something that I can use now: Lilas (cotton, acrylic).  I purchased Cotton Ease for the Lilas and -- so far -- have been very pleased with it.  It was a substitution for the yarn called for by the pattern, but the specified yarn was not at my LYS.  So I became a yarn explorer and ended up with something else.  Now I have discovered that Cotton Ease is discontinued.  So much for that find.  At least I have enough for my project.  Maybe I should return to Joann's and purchase all of their remainders!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Jemma's July 4th Weekend

Husker and I started our weekend on Saturday morning by picking up Jemma, Jon and Sarah's 11-month-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  They would be away and we were the designated dogsitters.  (Yippee!!)  She is a loving, affectionate, perfect lap dog.  Jemma recognized us and was ready to go.  How could you not love that face? The weekend swirled around her.  

The weekend started with rain, which began anew while we were out for a walk.  There was a mad dash for the house and wet hair for both of us.  Not that Jemma minded the rain -- she loved the all-out run. 

The next day we went to my son's house for a 4th of July  cookout.  My son has 2 large dogs, his wife has a yorkie and a chihuahua, and one of their daughters has a chihuahua.  Also present were the assorted grandchildren and other family members.  With 6 dogs running around, a lot of cooking, eating, and conversation going on, it made for a fun filled day.  The children kept busy in the pool while the adults kept busy supervising kids-in-the-pool.  

Jemma was in dog heaven.  She had 5 playmates who were as amiable as she is, the children wanted their turns at petting the new member of the group, food was probably getting dropped here and there, and there was a big back yard to explore.  She was under the deck, into the playhouse, down to the barn, around the pool, with breaks in the house on the cool tile floor.   

After about 5 1/2 hours of fun, we finally departed for home, arriving home about 6 pm.  Jemma slept in my lap during the 25-minute drive home, then sprawled half on the floor and half in her bed and slept for 4 hours!  Periodically, she would wake up, move to Husker's chair or my chair, then later go back to her bed.  When we were ready for bed, we took her outside once more, and then she slept soundly through the night between us.  She was wasted!

Jemma has had a recent unhappy event in her life.  Her home companion was Jack, a lovable old boxer.  Unfortunately, Jack developed a twisted intestine, resulting in the tragic loss of his life.  Jemma has been grieving by occupying his favorite spots.  Today, however, things will definitely change.  Her humans are picking up another puppy today, a tri-color Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Kingston is his name.  The two dogs are from the same breeder, but do not share the same parentage.  I know what you are thinking, but this will be a platonic relationship.  

Fast forward to 3 p.m.  Jon and Sarah arrived with Kingston.  Suddenly, Jemma seemed like a very big dog.  Kingston is adorable and Jemma was curious about this little bundle.  She seems okay with him.  How could she not be?  Isn't he cute?   

I think we will all be in love with him, too.  Aren't they cute?