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Monday, September 24, 2012

Everything you ever need to know about Ganseys

For those of you who like Ganseys, whether for sweaters or socks or whatever, you should look at, a website of Gordon and Margaret Reid in Edinburgh, Scotland.  They are both lovers of the knitting tradition of the British Isles.  I learned a lot about the background.  Did you know that each village had its own pattern so that when an unfortunate fisherman washed up on the shore, the locals could identify his origin and notify his family?  They are knit in a 5-ply (sport weight) yarn using size #1 or #2 dpns/circulars to get a warm, almost watertight garment.  Gordon has been knitting 25 years (his new bride taught him how), and Gordon and Margaret have found many of the old original designs.  The website also includes basic instructions for how to authentically assemble a Gansey (aka Guernsey). 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Neck Warmers and Red Socks

I went to my LYS on Tuesday to pick up a US #2 16-inch cable needle for the mini-cowl/neck warmer that I am making -- again.  I made the first one just to see what it would look like, and to use up the left over sock yarn from my sister-in-law's socks.  Then I mailed her socks and the neck warmer to her on Monday.

But I really liked the little neck warmer.  I hated to let it go.  So I immediately dug through my left-overs and found a nice chunk of Knit Picks' Frosting colorway.  Hmmm .... might be enough.  I am now about 4 inches into it, and holding my breath that I can get at least 3 more inches on it before I run out of yarn.

One thing that bothered me while making the neck warmer (other than the boring repetition of the 2x2s) was the bamboo dpns that I was using.  So I dug through my assortment of needles, but no #2 cables.  Which brings me back to where this post started:  off to the store... where they were having an end-of-season sale.  Oh my!  I need more yarn like I need more calories.  I managed to get out of the store with my wallet somewhat intact -- only bought yarn for one pair of socks.  Red.  Not striped, not varigated, just red.  Christmas socks.  That means that I am only 12 pairs of socks behind including the 6 skeins that I have on order.  

Then I picked up a jar of Nutella to help me wade through all these socks that I need to get made. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

It's not a sock -- What it is, is a . . .

I am pretty good about doing only one project at a time.  In the past, I tried working on about 2 or 3 at once, and that turned out to be a big mistake.  Everything I do has some special quirk, and if I am working on too many things, I forget what quirk was done where.  I decided to forego any further multiple WIPs (works in progress).

My last two WIPs were related, however.  I made Cindy's socks, and found that -- like me -- she has a slender foot and thus does not use near all of the sock yarn of choice.  I eyed that fist-sized cake remaining on my Yarn Buddy, and knew that I could not "not" dive right back into it.  In addition, when I bought the Yarn Buddy, it arrived with a couple of mini skeins, one of which was a beautiful cranberry colorway that looked so well with the Pearlescent colorway from Knit Picks.  Neither was enough for anything too big, but definitely enough for something about the same size as a small sock.  So I decided to make a mini-cowl since Cindy lives in cold country.  I ended up with a very small amount of both yarns left. 

The mini-cowl does not require a pattern.  CO 144 sts of sock yarn and knit in K2 P2 ribbing using US #2 dpn until the cowl is 6-8 inches in length, or length desired.  Bind off very loosely.  This one is 7 inches long, but can obviously be a little shorter or longer as desired.  Wear it up to cover bottoms of ears and chin, or fold over to keep only the neck area covered.  Stripe it with various left over yarns, or use a self-striping yarn or whatever suits your taste!  See the next three photos to see it worn three ways. 

 Folded, or
 Casual, or
Like the wind is howling! 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pearlescent Grey

This subtle shading of pale greys in Stroll Tonal is so beautiful that I am getting more of it!  

It isn't a sock ...

... But the yarns are Knit Picks' Stroll Tonal, Pearlescent, and a little lagniappe from Sun Valley Fibers in a pretty raspberry color. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cindy's socks

We started the day with Husker's family before his bro and sis-in-law left for the airport.  So nice of them to fly here to see him once more.  On the evening before, Husker and his brother were able to enjoy the Husker's season opener winningly.  This afternoon, we had a visit from son and dau-in-law.  Nice day. 

Then I started on these Knit Picks Stroll Tonal Pearlescent socks this evening for sis-in-law Cindy.  Made it 4" down the leg before Husker needed to go to bed.  IPad did not pick up the pale shades of grey in the lamp light so well, but you can see it on the Knit Picks website.  It is such a beautiful colorway that I may order another one for me!