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Monday, September 24, 2012

Everything you ever need to know about Ganseys

For those of you who like Ganseys, whether for sweaters or socks or whatever, you should look at, a website of Gordon and Margaret Reid in Edinburgh, Scotland.  They are both lovers of the knitting tradition of the British Isles.  I learned a lot about the background.  Did you know that each village had its own pattern so that when an unfortunate fisherman washed up on the shore, the locals could identify his origin and notify his family?  They are knit in a 5-ply (sport weight) yarn using size #1 or #2 dpns/circulars to get a warm, almost watertight garment.  Gordon has been knitting 25 years (his new bride taught him how), and Gordon and Margaret have found many of the old original designs.  The website also includes basic instructions for how to authentically assemble a Gansey (aka Guernsey). 

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