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Friday, May 25, 2012

New Project - Chemo Caps

Our trip to Omaha had two other reasons.  (1) Husker has lung cancer and will be starting radiation and chemotherapy in the next week.  (2) We usually go to Omaha for the Memorial Day weekend so that he can assist his mother to put out flowers in the cemetery (23 relatives), but this year was the first time he was going to decorate his mother's as well.  We moved it up a week to celebrate Delphine's graduation with his oncologist's blessing. 

I expect that I will make Husker a couple of chemo caps, and probably make a few for other patients in his clinic.  About the clinic, it is a fully self-contained facility so that we can go to his doctors' offices as well as receive his treatments and tests at the same location.  We like that.

Meanwhile, we partied the weekend away, and we ate.  The three full days in Omaha included swordfish, salmon, beef tenderloin, green chili breakfast burritos, Harkert's BBQ (courtesy of owner/brother George), and lots of sides, trimmings, and good wines.  Please share our good times in the springtime in Omaha.  

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Knits go to Omaha

I have three pairs of socks on needles.  They include the blue pair that I previously mentioned, plus a red pair for my daughter-in-law, and finally, this pair for little old me knitted up in Knit Picks' colorway, Frosting. 

You didn't think I would make a trip to Omaha without something going on did you?

In fact, my sister-in-law was so taken with the socks that I volunteered to make her a pair.  So, one pair of colorway Pearlescent from Knit Picks is coming up. 

Omaha and Delphine's Party

Husker and I went to Omaha last Saturday for his youngest granddaughter's graduation party hosted by her mom, Andra, and partner, Linda.  The whole afternoon and evening were great, and the memories are wonderful.   The graduate: 

  Her mom and partner:  Andra (lavender) and Linda (black) out on the deck where two of many tables were set up.

Andra's mother, Eddith, and Husker's first wife.  Talented artist - note her paintings in the background.

Husker and Eddith's two sons, Adam and Allen.

More to come . . .

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mary's Blue Leg

For our church's service auction, I submitted an offer to knit someone a pair of socks.  The total service was breakfast at a popular local restaurant followed by a stop at the LYS to select the yarn.  A multi-talented quilter from our church, Mary, was the high bidder.  I started on the socks late yesterday, and have completed about 4" of the leg of the first sock.  I think she will enjoy seeing her socks "in utero". 

Yarn is Regia, Die Sockenwolle, colorway Sonata. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012


I have Cecily Glowick MacDonald's Leaflet cardigan in my mental to-do list.  I decided to try out her leaflet pattern on socks, and the idea worked out rather well.   They are knit in Tosh Merino Light, colorway Earl Grey.  Now, I must go to the MadTosh store and pick up some chunky in Earl Grey for the cardigan -- but I am in no rush.  Fall is a long way off. 

We received some good news this past week.  I will also be making a newborn set for a little someone due at Christmas.

I also have five pairs of socks in the pipeline, two of which will need to take priority. 

Will all of these be enough to keep me knitting until the end of the year?  Probably not, but it will be close.  The bad thing about these projects is that I have no other excuse to shop for yarn except for the chunky Tosh and the baby yarn.  Withdrawal!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Work of Art

We all share our tales of knitting, and Susan B. Anderson shared one recently about her family vacation in Key West.  Of course, she ended up in a LYS and shared photos of a beautiful project bag that she picked up.  Fortunately, Susan shared the information about her bag's maker.  I followed up, and presto!  I have a work of art ... literally.  Noreen Emmel is a very talented and creative seamstress.  Contact her at, if you are interested in purchasing one of her project bags.  She does not have a web or etsy presence.

The bags are big enough for a medium sized project such as a shawl, or pullover, or about 3 small projects at once.   After I emailed her, she sent me a large selection of photos of fabrics and finished bags to view on Picasa.  Most of us who knit can sew, too, so you will appreciate her attention to detail and good craftsmanship.
There are two pockets inside and the handles are very sturdy.  It is so well made that I am sure it will get more attention than the knitting inside.  Thank you, Noreen.  Thank you, Susan.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Where do you knit?

Always, my small project bag with socks-in-progress goes with me to church, doctor's office, meetings (or almost anywhere I am going).  Today, my little project bag went along within a bigger tote bag to the hospital to wait for Husker to get a test done.  You are looking at Madeline Tosh Merino Light in colorway Earl Grey.  The only places I do not knit are behind the steering wheel or at the gym.  If you catch me knitting when I am driving, it is time to lock me up!  Where do you knit that is a little unusual? 

So many people at church have been checking out my socks of late that I decided to knit a pair for the highest bidder in the silent auction portion of the church's Service Auction.  Then someone mentioned to me that she knitted, but had never tried socks and really wanted to learn.  So I added a sock knitting class to the auction.

Last night, the church collected $34 from a lady for a pair of custom knitted socks, and another one spent $25 for a few hours of my time to learn how to knit socks.

A new member of our flock also knits, but who knew?  Not until the auction!  We were bonding immediately.  Funny how that happens . . .