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Friday, May 25, 2012

New Project - Chemo Caps

Our trip to Omaha had two other reasons.  (1) Husker has lung cancer and will be starting radiation and chemotherapy in the next week.  (2) We usually go to Omaha for the Memorial Day weekend so that he can assist his mother to put out flowers in the cemetery (23 relatives), but this year was the first time he was going to decorate his mother's as well.  We moved it up a week to celebrate Delphine's graduation with his oncologist's blessing. 

I expect that I will make Husker a couple of chemo caps, and probably make a few for other patients in his clinic.  About the clinic, it is a fully self-contained facility so that we can go to his doctors' offices as well as receive his treatments and tests at the same location.  We like that.

Meanwhile, we partied the weekend away, and we ate.  The three full days in Omaha included swordfish, salmon, beef tenderloin, green chili breakfast burritos, Harkert's BBQ (courtesy of owner/brother George), and lots of sides, trimmings, and good wines.  Please share our good times in the springtime in Omaha.  

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