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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sisters Plus

Husker is blessed with wonderful children.  They are bright, well-balanced, and  always a delight to be around.  I love them all.  Older daughter, Andra, flew down from Omaha to spend the Memorial Day weekend in North Texas.  She came to dinner at our house, along with younger daughter, Jennie, who lives in Texas, too.  For dinner, we had Giada's Lemon Spaghetti with tlapia.  Delish! 

We also had a dinner at big bro Adam's house, but that is another post. 

Meanwhile, back to the needles -- I have been dragging my feet on finishing Mary's socks.  I like to have fittings on socks, and that means that I must take my work to church with me and have Mary try on the product at its then stage.  Today, I was down to the toes, and the fit was perfect.  So tonight, I finished the first sock and will be able to finish the other sock without further adieu.  I think Mary likes what she sees so far; I definitely do. 

I have GOT to make a light box!

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  1. Love the wine glass next to the sock. I take it that is for us to see a scale comparison of the size of my sock. Or, it just happened to be handy for the photo? You earned at least one drink after that congregational meeting we had! Everytime I see the yarn and sock as it develops, love it more and more.