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Friday, October 5, 2012

A Week (almost) with George

Husker's brother, George, spent 4 days, 5 nights with us, arriving Tuesday evening of last week, and leaving Sunday morning.  Husker really does love his brother, and the feeling is mutual.  They are remarkably close.  George made himself very useful during his visit, assisting with his sick bro, and doing small things around the house for me.  Such as change out the AC filter and fix a sticking gate.  Gotta love that.

George came from Omaha on his Harley.  Those things are bigger than you think and there was no space for it in the garage along with our two cars; so, we parked it in the atrium which is a covered and gated entry courtyard at the front of our house.  It made a perfect Harley garage.  I stupidly did not get a shot of the Harley in the space, but hopefully, you can use your imagination ... the space is 6'6" x 10'.  The Harley barely squeezed in! 

My knitting has been in the doldrums with lots of yarn and ideas to work on.  So many new yarns await!  I need to make baby caps for the local children's hospital, socks, Christmas gifts, etc.  But now I have gotten started with a new pair of socks, Catherine, a Gansey pattern of diamonds, by Kate Blackburn.  The yarn is Knit Picks' colorway, Lake Front.   My foot is narrow (AAA), but this pattern required too many stitches cast on, and reducing the CO was going to be a big charting adjustment.   Not in the mood to do that.  So someone is going to get these for Christmas.  Whom do I know that has a medium width foot?

Meanwhile, it rained for 4 days while George was here.  It started out with a drizzle and progressed to a steady gentle shower that came down more than it did not during the 4 days.  Three inches' worth at our house.  We are happy to have it, and grateful that it did not become a flood.  Sections of west Texas flooded such as Midland and Odessa, but you have to see that area to understand why it would flood.  It gets so little rain there that when it comes, there are no gullies and creeks big enough to handle it.  It is Flat with a capital "F".  Even the desert country of the Big Bend experienced some flooding, but they have mountains, and routes for the rains to follow to the Rio Grande.  Meanwhile, the water pours over mesas, into gullies, washes out roads, etc.  They won't see another drop for months.  My niece was in San Angelo, midway between north Texas and the Big Bend, and she said they had a "ton" of rain. 

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