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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Neck Warmers and Red Socks

I went to my LYS on Tuesday to pick up a US #2 16-inch cable needle for the mini-cowl/neck warmer that I am making -- again.  I made the first one just to see what it would look like, and to use up the left over sock yarn from my sister-in-law's socks.  Then I mailed her socks and the neck warmer to her on Monday.

But I really liked the little neck warmer.  I hated to let it go.  So I immediately dug through my left-overs and found a nice chunk of Knit Picks' Frosting colorway.  Hmmm .... might be enough.  I am now about 4 inches into it, and holding my breath that I can get at least 3 more inches on it before I run out of yarn.

One thing that bothered me while making the neck warmer (other than the boring repetition of the 2x2s) was the bamboo dpns that I was using.  So I dug through my assortment of needles, but no #2 cables.  Which brings me back to where this post started:  off to the store... where they were having an end-of-season sale.  Oh my!  I need more yarn like I need more calories.  I managed to get out of the store with my wallet somewhat intact -- only bought yarn for one pair of socks.  Red.  Not striped, not varigated, just red.  Christmas socks.  That means that I am only 12 pairs of socks behind including the 6 skeins that I have on order.  

Then I picked up a jar of Nutella to help me wade through all these socks that I need to get made. 

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