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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lilas cardigan

I have had my eye on the Lilas cardigan from the Yarniad, and finally got started with it.  The collar is almost finished, and I am feeling very good about it.  I still cannot knit more than about 4 rows at a time or my wrist/thumb will become very achy.  Frustrating.

I have started using a wrist brace, but I am not sure that it is doing me any good.  I am considering purchasing a compression glove that covers the thumb.  I wish I knew how well these work before I purchase.  Does anyone know?

If you recall, I set aside the Avocet B (wool) to work on something that I can use now: Lilas (cotton, acrylic).  I purchased Cotton Ease for the Lilas and -- so far -- have been very pleased with it.  It was a substitution for the yarn called for by the pattern, but the specified yarn was not at my LYS.  So I became a yarn explorer and ended up with something else.  Now I have discovered that Cotton Ease is discontinued.  So much for that find.  At least I have enough for my project.  Maybe I should return to Joann's and purchase all of their remainders!

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