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Friday, June 11, 2010

Birthdays and Friends

Many years ago -- let's not discuss how many! -- I developed a friendship with Linda, an English teacher.  Then after a few years, I moved away.  We have birthdays close to each other's, making me all of 10 days older than she is.  Over the years, we have kept in touch via birthday cards, long letters, occasional phone calls, etc.  I think we have had a face-to-face over the last 30 years only 3 times!  But we are still good friends ....

How does that happen when you don't see each other?  Hard to say, but despite the years and distance, I still feel as if I can talk to her about anything. 

I received her birthday card to me yesterday.  Today, I bought her birthday card.  And so the "tradition" goes on. 

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