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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Melt Down kind of day

The day has not started off well.  I went into the guest bath this morning to do some routine cleaning.  (Yeah, a guest is coming for lunch.)  This bathroom has a china pedestal sink, a blue-and-white-and-sage color scheme and is a nice place for visitors to see.  I got a shock as soon as I started to clean the sink.  It had a big star-pattern crack in it!  I could quickly figure out what had happened.  There is a glass shelf above the sink and it holds a heavy glass dish with soap.  It was apparent that the dish had been knocked off the shelf.  The dish did not break - just a minor chip, but it was heavy and obviously hit the sink in just the right way to shatter the corner of the porcelain sink. 

I do not use that sink often -- hey, I don't go into that bathroom except to clean it for visitors.  So who did this and did not have the guts to tell me?  Husker does not know either.  We cannot remember who was last here that would have been in the bathroom.  I do, however, know when I last used that sink.  On Thursday, November 18th, I used the sink to soak the sweater set that I made for a niece's newborn.  Funny, I cannot remember who has been in the house since then. 

Now let me ask you -- if you knew who the last person in the bathroom was -- would you confront that person?  This is going to be an expensive repair job.  I am upset and hurt that the person who did this has not told me. 

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