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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jon & Sarah's wedding

We left for Jamaica for Jon and Sarah's wedding day of January 29, 2011.  We arrived on the evening before barely in time for the rehearsal dinner.  I have no idea why I am holding two drinks!

We spent the day of the wedding enjoying the beach, the breezes, and the ample food.  Sandals is like a cruise ship on land.  Everything is at your finger tips as though the staff has read your mind.  I swam in the ocean and the pool.  I swam a lot that day.  I am surprised that I had the energy to go to the 4 pm wedding on the beach.  I was in the pool early enough to avoid a crowd -- as you can see. 

After the wedding, the reception dinner was also on the beach.  A sudden shower blew in and we all (about 40 people) crammed under the roof of the beach bar.  The bartender adjusted the music to play "When it Rains" by the Eli Young Band.  How appropriate! 

We all ate, drank, and danced hard and had a good time.  You can catch the excitement at the wedding website.

Our chambermaid created this swan out of towels to set on our bed.  Amazing ...

We arrived back at DFW the evening before a big ice storm descended upon us.  The timing was fortunate.

Nevertheless, the next morning we took off over icy streets to pick up Jon and Sarah's two dogs at the kennels, took them back to their house where we dogsat for 3 more days while the newlyweds languished upon the beach at Negril, Jamaica.  The dogsitting is fun because the dogs are so affectionate and well behaved.  The dogs loved the snow.  (Note:  There is a 1/2 thick solid coat of ice under the snow.  We aren't in Jamaica anymore, mon.)   The dogs slept with us, and kept our laps and hearts warm. 

It was a great trip and we welcome Sarah to our family.  It was a day that all of us hoped would come to pass.

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