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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Technology is the pits when it doesn't work . . .

While Husker was ill, my PC quit on me one day.  It had all my pix, patterns, etc. stored there, and it crashed (?) or something.  I switched to Husker's PC because it was not a good time to worry over my PC.  Now I am trying to get things back to normal as far as technology is concerned, and wouldn't you know ...

Last Friday, Husker's PC began to misbehave, so I switched to the MacPro.  It froze up!  Nothing I did would make it respond.  It only stared back with the screen where it had stopped.  I opened the iPad, and it would not work.  I pulled out the Nook and the same thing.  Hmmm ...

Called the cable guys.  Internet service/wifi was out in our neighborhood.  They later responded with a robo-call to say that the internet was back up.  Husker's PC was working again, but no MacPro, iPad, or Nook.  Called the cable guys.  They walked me through how to re-boot the wifi.  iPad and Nook now working.  Still no MacPro response.  I think I blew a brain fuse and it was nobody's fault but my own. 

MacPros do not operate like an iPad.  You cannot swipe or press the screen to operate!  My brain had frozen into the iPad mode and it took me two days -- yes, two days -- to get me to realize what a stupid thing I was doing.  MacPro is now operating from the keyboard like it was supposed to do all along. 

And some good news:  my old PC is now up and running because it really did have a fuse thingy that needed to be replaced.

Now about my knitting ... somewhere around here is a pair of socks waiting to be finished. 

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