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Friday, February 1, 2013


I have spent the  month of January not knitting.  Such an amazing change.  It is sorta a reflection of how my life is changing without Husker beside me.  Since his passing in October, Husker's grandson was born, the TV does not run from mid-afternoon until midnight, I am reading more, and my workouts have picked up steam.

The biggest change is that one evening last week I called the cable company and did away with the landline, and cut back on the cable channels.  I had wanted to do away with the landline for years, but Husker resisted.  He was also the one who watched all the sports channels.  The next morning, as I was digging into my granola, I heard a foreign beep.  Just as a mother recognizes her own child's cry, and you instantly know that a text message has arrived, I realized that the deed had really been done.  I checked the landline, and sure enough -- it was dead.  There was a knock at the door, and there stood the technician to change out the cable box.   So now I am not paying for channels that no one watches, and I have become cell-phone-only.  I feel like I lost weight. 

The other big change is that I have become more regular with my workouts, and  I really  have lost weight -- 12 pounds since Thanksgiving.   I am back in yoga and back in the swimming pool.  While Husker was ill, I cut back on my exercise routine except for taking short neighborhood walks. 

However, the knitting is beckoning.  I got out the swift and yarn winder a few days ago and wound 10 hanks of sock yarn.  I have started another pair in a dark brown, but ran into a problem.  I struggle with dark yarn because I cannot see it well enough, and the yarn that I purchased via the internet is just too dark.  I pulled it out because I could not see the pattern well enough to stay on pattern.  I re-started and will make a plain stockinette pair.  It feels refreshing to have something on the needles again. 

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