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Thursday, March 7, 2013


My eldest granddaughter has had two miscarriages, and wants a baby very much.  Her doctor found a problem that he has been treating, and she is pregnant again -- with twins!  The sonogram shows two placentas, so they are not identical.

Her younger sister is also preggers, both sisters due in early October.  Younger sister is also expecting maternal twins!  What are the statistical odds of that? 

I will need to do a lot of knitting!  I am still awaiting pix of another January great-grandchild.  So we are really busy with babies.  That is six babies in ten months (counting the December grandson). 

My son is in a state of shock - he will have two sets of twin grandchildren at almost the same time.  

Meantime, I am finishing up my zebra socks.  The needles are size 0, which is a challenge to my eyes whenever I am on a black stripe!  But I love the black/white.

I am also about to put the Husker's beloved Mustang on the market.  He was very good about taking care of his favorite car ever, so it is in very good condition.  Someone will buy a jewel of a GTO convertible.  I hate to part with it, but I don't need two cars in the garage for just me. 

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