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Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Kindle

Last Christmas, my husband offered me a new Kindle as a gift.  I was not so sure that it was what I wanted and decided to wait.  I mulled over this for a while and finally tried Amazon's PC based Kindle.  Their ploy worked and I was hooked.  So I went online and sent off for this dandy little gadget.  It arrived Monday, but I did not get home from yoga until after 8 p.m.  I was tired and only tinkered with it for a short while.  This morning, that was the first thing on my mind and I downloaded "Ahab's Wife".  The feel of the Kindle is so right and so light weight.  It is certainly easier than holding some paper books (think "John Adams" at a whopping 751 pages - I thought I was getting arthritis in my hands).

I have heard that textbooks can also be downloaded.  Not that I need one, but it certainly seems like an improvement.  Textbooks are like carrying around a load of bricks ...

Now -- to get to know Una --

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