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Friday, November 19, 2010

Free Newborn Patterns

All Christmas gifts have been completed, plus a newborn gift for an expected newborn arrival on Thanksgiving Day.  Among the Christmas gifts is a newborn gift for a Christmas Eve newborn arrival.  Wow!

I just completed the Thanksgiving arrival's gift -- a girl's sweater, cap, and mitts set.  It is very girly with plenty of ruffles.  The cap features a swirl design in the crown decreases using SSK.  This little girl will be born in Omaha and will need plenty of sweaters and caps, etc., for the first few months of life.  The yarn is WonderSoft by Stylecraft, color Blossom, and machine washable. 

This follows on the heels of creating the newborn boy's sweater set for the Christmas arrival.  Making two newborn sets back-to-back allowed me to double-check the accuracy of the pattern.  After tweaking the instructions, and expanding it to include the particulars of making the pieces suitable for a little girl, I added a photo of each version.  You are welcome to use the pattern,  but kindly give me, Brenda Jones, design credit.  Contact me for a copy.

See the last posting for photos of the boy's sweater and cap.  

 Happy Thanksgiving!

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