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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dallas Cowboys

My son is a Dallas Cowboys football fan.  He is about to have a new grandson (due Christmas Eve) and I have completed a newborn sized sweater and cap that will honor my son's favorite team.  These were knitted with Berroco Comfort DK in white (color 2700) and navy (color 2763); and Mirasol's Lachiwa in silver (color 1403).  I used US sizes 3 and 5 needles.  The set is sized to go over the average newborn's head of 13-14".  As soon as I can get it written up, I will post a free copy of the pattern for both sweater and cap.  However, you are on your own for the logo.  If I gave that out, Jerry Jones' lawyers would probably call me! 

The neck, hem, cuffs and first navy band on the cap are all in 2x2 ribbing.  The cuffs are double width so that they can be folded over.  The cap has a roll edge.

I do not recommend working in the round when putting a design on a garment such as this logo.  Back-and-forth knitting would have made the star much easier to execute.  However, I am a beginner in knitting -- so I have learned something new.

This is my second sweater using Wendy Bernard's techniques.  Check out her book, Custom Knits, or read the teaching series on Spud and Chloe.   The teaching series is over several parts, but curator Susan B. Anderson, has put these together for you to easily copy and print for your own learning experience.

Upcoming next, a newborn girl's ruffled cap and sweater.  Similar to the boy's Dallas Cowboys sweater set, but with a ruffled edge here and there.

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