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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Chuck's Turn

On Christmas, we went to my son's house.  Chuck will always be Chuckie to me.  Husker wore his green pullover that I made for him last spring, and Chuckie liked it.  He asked me to make one for him, so I have another project coming down.  We will be getting together for measurements and selecting yarn. 

Chuckie recently called me to recount his interesting visit to the dentist.  The hygienist was a New York transplant -- met a Texas fella -- and now lives here.  So he asked her if she had learned to like country music.  She was strongly in the affirmative, so he asked her if she had ever heard of the Eli Young Band.  She was very vocal about the band being her favorite, so Chuckie told her the family connection.  She was very excited about that, then said that her husband's favorite band was Deryl Dodd.  Chuckie followed up to tell her, "You won't believe this, but my cousin is the bass player for Deryl Dodd."  Lots of excitement ensued, so he is now her favorite patient, I am sure.  

Chuckie is one of those people who never met a stranger.  He can meet someone and become best friends in minutes.  He is such a warm and loving person.  I am blessed to have him as my son. 

Chuckie has another talent, but this one he learned.  He discovered his love of scuba diving a few years ago, and now he has so many certifications that I have lost count.  He dives to wrecks, into caves, and other places that I would never go.  I guess this passion of his is a result of my insistence that he learn to swim at an early age.  In scouting, he earned the one-mile-swim badge, and then repeated it the next year just to be sure he could still swim that far.  Overachiever! 

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