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Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve

Don't know about yours, but our New Year's Eve was tops.  We started off going to Grace, the restaurant owned by Husker's son, Adam, for a glass of wine and to wish Adam and his beautiful wife, Caroline, a Happy New Year.  This was to be a short stop only because we were spending the midnight hour at Billy Bob's, World's Biggest Honky Tonk.  Husker's baby boy, Jon, is the bass guitarist for the Eli Young Band, the entertainment for the evening at Billy Bob's. 

Adam was happy to inform us that he was sold out for New Year's Eve, and that son, Jon, and fianc√©, Sarah, were in the dining room.  So we had a chance to visit with both of Husker's sons and their beautiful ladies before going on to Billy Bob's to see Jon and the boys play. 

Upon arriving at Billy Bob's, we picked up our complimentary tickets and backstage passes, and learned that they were likewise sold out (that means 6,000 tickets).  For a bar/honky tonk, that is a lot of people.  The green room walls are lined with the logos and signatures of lots of big names.  It is humbling and amazing for Husker to see the band's logo on the wall alongside Willie, Loretta, LeAnn, and so so many others.  Husker thinks it is a very nice payback for all those music lessons, violins and guitars.  We also have another tie to a logo on the green room wall at Billy Bob's.  My nephew, Kerry, is the bass player for the Deryl Dodd Band

The crowd was amazing.  They knew the words to all their songs and sang along.  Mike Eli, the lead singer, always acknowledges to the audience their contribution to the band's success.  I think recognizing the audience's ownership of Eli Young is part of the key to their loyal following.  Some pretty good songs don't hurt either!  Check out Jet Black and Jealous, their last CD.  The next CD is imminent, and they sang the number that they expect to be their next hit, Crazy Girl.  Stay tuned.

Jon and Sarah's mothers were there, too.  Sarah is the aunt of Zach, for whom I knitted the Wonderful Wallaby.  Sarah's mom, Sue, said the sweater fit, he liked it, and pix would be forthcoming.  Until then, I am attaching a shot of the finished product.  You didn't think that I would NOT have something knit-wise in this, did you!  Happy New Year and many beautiful projects. 

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