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Friday, January 27, 2012

Oranges and Lemons

Two orange-sized preemie IV caps and one lemon-sized preemie IV cap were delivered today.  Only a few of the babies need an IV, so this supply should suffice for the time being.  I actually delivered two oranges and two lemons today, but the 2nd lemon is a conventional cap.
The plan was to go into the NICU, but I drove up to the front of the hospital - which turned out to be a mistake - and could not leave my car there long enough to go into the NICU.  Had to leave everything with the Volunteer Office.  Next time, I will park in the parking garage so that I can take my time!

Now I am going to try a pair of socks.  I made my initial foray into sockdom about two years ago, and it did not go well.  The directions that I was following left out a crucial little step that I did not have the experience to notice.  This time, I am better armed with lots of knitting behind me, and more information to make those directions work as intended.

Following a lull after the holidays, my work days are starting to come up on my calendar again.  That feels good, too, as I am beginning to feel pretty refreshed after the hectic pace that I kept in the fall months and the holidays.  Working on an on-call basis is pretty nice because it keeps me from rusting, but not wearing out.  

By the way, we received 5 inches of rain at our house early this week.  Pretty nice after last summer's record-breaking drought. 

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