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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Our New Year's Eve minus One Day

At our age, Husker and I are not the club-hopping, late hours kind of couple.  However, when it means going to see your son entertain a sold out crowd on December 30, 2011 at Billy Bob's in Cowtown -- you grab your All Access badge and get going. 

We arrived about 9 pm in order to catch the Boys and chat with family and friends before they began the "meet 'n' greet".  We ducked out when their working time began with meeting and posing for personal photos with fans.  The Green Room at Billy Bob's has a lot of famous names on the walls including the likes of Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn, Rascal Flats, etc.  There among all the logos, signatures, and other identifying emblems is the Eli Young Band.  Wow!

While spending a little personal time with his son, Jon, Husker learned that the Boys' next late night TV appearance would be on Leno on January 9, 2012.  Mark your calendar.  I am sure they will play their platinum number, Crazy Girl

The show did not start until 10:35 -- way past this granny's bedtime -- but we both managed to stay bright eyed until it was over about 12:30 a.m. following two encores.  The night had turned very cold and that made the walk to the car seem longer.  Getting home and into bed was uneventful after a very exciting evening.

Needless to say, going out on New Year's Eve is NOT on our calendar. 

By the way, I did get some knitting done lately.  I completed 13 little bitty preemie caps and delivered them to the NICU at Cook Children's Hospital.  I have now signed up to be a "regular" in the volunteer stitchers.  For a break from making tiny little caps, I made a full sized baby blue Tuva for me to go with my grey fleece winter jacket.  See Ravelry for the pattern.  Very happy with both projects. 

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