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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Post Op #2

Saw the doc for my second post op visit, but my vision with the "new" eye is still blurry.  Turns out that it is because I have an astigmatism.  So an adjustment with lasik is up next.  The second cataract surgery is postponed until the lasik can be done sometime in the next couple of months or so. 

The good news is that I am again doing handstands and headstands, weight training, etc.  It feels good to work out again.  The first thing I did was get into the swimming pool. 

I heard from old friends in Florida today.  So glad to get in touch with them.  She -- an old high school classmate; he -- her son whom I have known about 10 years.  We visited each other in our respective cities many years back, and then lost track of each other again.  Thanks to modern social media, we are in touch again.  Sometimes technology can be a pain, and then again it is great.  He is one of the technology field's professionals, and as soon as he got my message, he looked me up in other ways and found this blog.  Hi, Carole and Mike!

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