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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cataract Surgery and knitting

Cataract surgery has made amazing strides.  I was fully conscious.  The eye was anesthetized with drops, over in 8 minutes -- and that included the time to wheel me into the OR, and all the other preparation. 

I was anxious about not being able to knit during this time.  There is a big patch over the eye which keeps me from using my glasses and knitting one-eyed.  I found that a pair of magnifiers with straight ear pieces solved the problem somewhat.  I can knit, but I would be up a creek if I dropped a stitch or split the yarn.  Maybe I should stop . . . fat chance!  Pink baby cap here I come. 

Speaking of baby caps, I have 5 finished caps in the bag for the NICU, and the 6th is on the needles.  Needless to say, I have memorized the pattern.  Last night, I emailed my LYS to tell them what I was doing and asked them to select some appropriate yarns for me.  After the followup visit with the surgeon tomorrow, Husker and I will whip by there -- minus the eye patch -- to add some yarns to my NICU stash.  Last night, I made a lemon-sized cap in Panda Silk, a Crystal Palace yarn.  It came out beautifully, but it is so-o-o small.  Bless those babies.  I will include a picture later -- can't see well enough to do that just yet. 

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