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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Storms and Preemie IVs

We were again called in to dogsit for Jemma and Kingston because their humans went to the Florida panhandle for a long weekend.  As such things happen, their return flight was canceled due to the terrible storms that went through the mid-section of the country from Louisiana to the upper midwest.  As you have seen on the news, Alabama was especially hard-hit.  The kids did not get home until Monday.  I returned home on Sunday late afternoon, but Husker was still cuddling and playing with the granddogs until late morning on Monday. 

It is kinda amusing -- when we are with the dogs, they mow us down with their charm, and we let them take advantage of our affection for them.  When Mama got home, she ordered them about and they actually did as they were told.   Hmmmm . . .

Meanwhile, back to the needles . . . I have a friend who is a nurse.  I questioned her about the preemie caps and things I might need to know.  I was specifically needing her input about designing the caps for preemies with IVs in their little heads.  She volunteered that she would be working in the NICU in a few days.  She is going to work with me on fitting a cap designed for IVs.  I went to Ravelry and found one design for that purpose by Moon Torbett.  I am almost finished with my prototype.   The ribbing will fold over, and the flap coming over the top will button close, leaving openings at each end for IV tubing.  The flap also gives the attending nurse a way to access the IV without removing the cap. 

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