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Sunday, April 15, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Green Socks

I knitted yet another pair of the beginner's lace socks to test the pattern's accuracy and language.  This time I used the green (and a little blue) sock yarn, Colinette's Jiggerbug 400 Lagoon,  that I bought at my LYS' St. Patrick's Day sale-on-green-yarn.  I am satisfied that the pattern is written correctly, and I am very happy with the yarn.  The lush deep richness of the colors and the ease of working with the yarn made it a fun project.

I have a little side story about the green socks.  I was at a meeting after church service today.  The meeting room was over air conditioned and I was about to freeze in my cottons and sandals.  Naturally, I had my project bag sitting on the floor beside me.  (Don't you take your project bag with you everywhere you go?)  I simply could not stand the cold any longer and reached into the bag and whipped out the completed green socks and pulled them on.  Everyone was so surprised that they started laughing at me.  One person, however, asked if that was the result of that green yarn he had seen me working with recently.  Yes, indeedy. 

My St. Patrick's Day yarn is of those yarns that you fall in love with, and will be purchased again.  And again.  Love making socks!  I have also been trying out some new needles.  Squares.  Kollage and Cubics.  I recommend both of them.

Up next ... Scarlet ... I will be a Scarlet woman. 

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