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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Knitting away life's ups and downs

I have been holding out on you.  Knitting has become a lifeline to normalcy ... a way to feel that everything is okay.

Husker has been ill.  It started with his annual well man and it has progressed to include 7 docs.   He was scheduled for hernia surgery, but the pre-op chest Xray started the ball rolling.  A spot showed up.  Then a CT scan.  The broncoscopy was inclusive, but will be repeated in 6 weeks.  He also has a T-12 bone lesion. 

In one month, Husker has gone from a strong, busy man to a moaning, tired, hurting man.  It is a big fast change.  He had no symptoms of anything except that his old hernia was acting up, and now everything is hurting.  He had a colonoscopy today that removed 13 polyps including 3 large ones.  Lab results coming.  He is getting a bone biopsy. 

I know that I am venting.  I am trying to keep up with the rest of life, including knitting.  I have finished three pairs of socks since this saga began in late March.  Socks are easy to carry along on the many visits to the docs.  I still try to take my walks, swim my laps, work at my part-time job, and keep the house somewhat liveable.  Husker has been giving up his "duties" around the house, and we have hired yard care.  Too much pain.  He was the cook, so now I am cooking, taking out trash, etc.

Something has to give.  I informed the board at church by email today that they must find someone else to be treasurer.

We are scared.  

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  1. Brenda I'm so sorry to hear that Husker is having such severe health problems. It must be hard to adjust for both of you. When Steve's mother was ill I also found knitting a great comfort and indispensable when waiting in hospital and doctors offices. I hope that the doctors are able to provide Husker with relief and healing soon. PS the colorway is "cove" ~