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Monday, November 12, 2012

Brrrr ....

Why is it that the first really cold morning always feels so much colder than it does later in the season?  This morning was in the mid-thirties, not quite freezing, but close enough to get your attention.  The wind blew in a definitely cold front last night.  It was preceded by a light shower and stirred up a lot of leafy activity, mostly in the front of my entry court gate where it likes to collect.  As I opened the gate, I saw that the Optimists' Club had set out the flag for Veterans Day.

Last night, as the cold moved in, I sat before the TV finishing the next Baby Boy sweater.  It is for Husker's first grandson whom he will never get to know.  So I made Baby Boy a sweater to make his Grandpapa happy.  Go Huskers!  Next up -- cap and booties to match.  It is made from Berroco Comfort DK in colorways True Red (2751), white (2700), and black (2734).  I trust you can see the Nebraska logo just fine!  Pattern?  Ask me.  It is free. 

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  1. I am so so so sorry to hear of your loss. Our life in this world is so bittersweet. Your sweater made me think of something I recently read ~ it went something like "you bury the dead and care for the living" and your beautiful sweater for the little husker is a precious gift that will keep Allen's memory alive and a bond with his grandchild. Take care of yourself and I'm glad you are going to grief counseling.