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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Beginner's Lace Socks

I have been dedicating myself lately to building my skills with socks.  I have now completed (and worn and washed a couple of times!) my third pair.  The first pair were a disaster which resulted in a 2 year hiatus from socks.  Recently, I completed a 2nd pair that were plain, but well fitting and I was hooked. 

Now I am happy to say that my 3rd pair are self-designed to ease me into lace socks.  This is a simple lace pattern that any novice (me!) can master.  I am not ashamed to show these off. 

They are made in Berroco Comfort Sock using sizes 1 and 2 dpn. 

This so super charged me that I plunged right into another pair with a pattern that I found on the internet.  I quickly discovered that I had become too ambitious for my fledgling lace skills.  I started that pair 3 times, the last time with a less complicated pattern.  They are on the needles, and yes -- I see ways to improve my skills. 

However, I am proud of my beginner's lace socks and will repeat them to test the language of the pattern for others who may want to try it. 

There is one significant disadvantage to knitting socks in North Texas.  We don't get enough time with cold weather to enjoy handknitted socks very much.  Although we have had a very mild winter this year, it is getting milder:  yesterday was 73 degrees and today is expected to be in the low 80's. 

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