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Friday, March 23, 2012

Bluebonnets and Blue Sox


The best thing besides delightful weather in the Texas springtime is bluebonnets.  Thanks to Lady Bird, the major highways are seeded along their sides with bluebonnets and other wild flowers by the state of Texas.  Bluebonnets have become a rite of passage -- every child is photographed while sitting in a patch of vivid blue blooms.  At this time of year, parents dress up the kids and can be seen along the major roads, cameras in hand.  My kids have long since grown up, but you are welcome to be a pseudo-Texan for a few moments . . . along the interstate, up close, and almost intimately. 

If someone could only make a yarn in this sinfully delicious shade of blue, I would happily buy it.

The bluebonnets will begin to fade away after 4-6 weeks, just as the Mexican Hats and Indian Paintbrush start to peep through the grass.  Then the highways change from vivid blue to bright yellow and red.

Well, I can't have bluebonnet blue for my Wollmeise socks by Monica Jines, but they are a pretty blue to be sure.  They are finally finished and ready to show off.  Yarn is courtesy of Wullenstudio.

And a closeup of the pattern detail. 

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