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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fourth time is charm?

I was down through the heel and tried on my latest effort at socks, and they were too small.  Frog it again.  I have fussed and struggled over the pattern for these socks, even changing to a simpler pattern (Wollmeise) designed by Monica Jines, but still find myself doing something wrong.  Hopefully, this time will be a good fit with a pretty pattern.  The color of this hand-died yarn is scrumptious which is, I suppose, a reason that I am being so picky about the output.   It is colorway Kokomo, from Wullenstudio, superwash merino. 

I have treated myself to a new pair of Kollage Square dpns.  I am so sold on them that I have another pair on order in a different size.  Currently, I am working with the size #1 pair while I await the arrival of the size #2.  The LYS is having a hard time keeping them on hand!  These are advertized as easy on the hands, but that is not why I bought them.  They last because they are steel, and the yarn moves so nicely across them, but without danger of the needles falling out.  In addition, they are very light weight.  Goodbye, bamboo.

Another new thing -- I have changed the title on my blog to YARN SCRAPS.   I think it is a more appropriate description:  scraps of my mind and life tied together with scraps of yarn. 

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