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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Back to knitting -- post RSI (repetitive stress injury)

The last sweater that I made (for my husband), really did an injustice to my right wrist and somewhat the same to the left wrist.  I gave it a rest (no knitting!) and also bought a brace.  The brace definitely has helped, and after a couple of days or so, thought I could go on to my next project.  That was not to be.  I began to get achy again.  There were days of knit-a-row, rest-a-day.  Finally, I just put everything aside for a long rest. 

Yesterday, I was able to knit several rows with the brace on, and did not experience any pain.  Not wanting to push the envelope, I did not put several hours into my work.  It is hard to pull back from something that is so enjoyable.  How many others have experienced this sort of knitting curse?

I am now enjoying my new project.  Following guidance from Wendy Bernard's Custom Knits, I have re-written Avocet B (  So far, so good.  I have reached the midriff, working top-down.  Last night, I tried it on again, but think that next time I will shorten the yoke about 1/2-1".  That would also take care of the slight amount of roominess.  It should not be a problem to continue as is for this version, but I definitely think that I allowed for too much ease and too much armhole depth.  Not a serious problem, but could fit a little bit closer.  Also, I converted this to raglan.  The results of this will be a new "basic" pattern for other cardigans.  After all, I have 1 daughter-in-law and 4 granddaughters!  I am sure they all need cardigans.

Yesterday was our annual Dinners for 99.  That is a picnic south of town at the home of a couple of friends and the invitees included all persons who were participants in Dinners for 9 during the September-May period.  This is kind of a supper club activity through our church.  The weather during the last 2 years' picnics have been less than optimal by being hot and steamy.  This year was a delightful exception with the temperature about 72, low humidity, clear skies and a light cool breeze.  There was so much food!  Of course, I tried to sample some of most of it, and that resulted in not being hungry the rest of the day.   Husker made 2 chocolate bread puddings for us to take along with  vanilla ice cream.  I also took the new cardigan in my work bag which was quite a conversation starter. 

Yes, Husker cooks.  In fact, he is quite an accomplished cook and does most, though not all, of our cooking.  BB (Before Brenda), he determined to learn to cook by cooking his way through Better Homes Cookbook, a la Julie and Julia.  Ladies -- he also irons -- and yes, he has brothers -- married brothers. 

Speaking of Husker's brothers ... younger bro, George, is also a restaurateur and definitely a gourmand.  Cooking skills are not wasted in their family because everyone seems to have talent in the kitchen.  

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