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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wonderful Son and his Very Smart Wife

For Mother's Day, my Son and wife, Dina, sent me a gift card from Amazon that I can use for my Kindle.  This was decided upon after he called me.  He said he wanted to get me something that would last longer than flowers which I thought was pretty clever of him.  His wife, Dina, is the techie in his household and she did the arrangement via Amazon.  The Known World will be mine shortly. 

Speaking of Dina, she is one clever gal.  She started her own infant and toddler shoe company, Uniquely Squeaky.  She researched places to get them made in China, covered the legal side of things, and started designing and importing the shoes for sale locally.  She called on a national company's headquarters to get into their outlets.  She has done all of this without any prior experience at importing or retailing.  The business is growing nicely.  When Husker heard what she was starting up, he was full of questions for her -- retired customs broker that he is -- but she had covered it all.  She never ceases to amaze me. 

Husker and I are lying low today.  I went out nordic walking in our neighborhood before 8 a.m. this morning to enjoy the cooler-than-normal Texas weather.  It was in the 60's!  We are blessed by a neighborhood that is a safe, friendly, quiet place to walk without any through streets (no through traffic!)  There are 4 long steep hills with the rest of the neighborhood ranging from gently rolling hills to flat.  I like the challenge of the hills.  It was a nice way to start Mother's Day. 

Son has been a real asset to me.  He is always thoughtful, calls me regularly, and likes Husker (my 2nd husband).  Some of me has rubbed off on him:  tries to stay in shape, is a bit hyperactive, won't tolerate debt, and is a Ford man.  Unfortunately, he hasn't learned to knit yet.

Speaking of knitting, here is a shot of the re-designed Avocet B cardigan as it progresses downward to the hips.  I am knitting this in Paton's Classic Wool, so there is no chance that I will be wearing it before late fall. 

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