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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yoga Convention

The folks in Portland, OR are enjoying a pleasant distraction this week.  The Iyengar Yoga National Association of the United States is having its teachers' convention there including the appearance of  Dr. Geeta S. Iyengar.  All but one teacher at the studio where I practice have gone.  Sally is remaining here to keep the ship moving forward.  To assist her, Shanan has come to assist with classes.  She taught one of my classes Monday night and Wednesday night and I came away with some new "moves".   It was the first time that I have met Shanan, and she is quite good.   

My regular teacher  is so full of good ideas that he is addictive.  Somehow, he always finds a way to help you to learn to do a pose that you swore your body would never do.  Take handstands.  I tried for 2-3 years to learn to do them to no avail.  After he moved here, it took only one of his handstand classes to have me upside down and elated.  It was liberating!  I took good notes and wrote up the procedure for learning to do handstands.  I have had many requests for a copy of the teaching notes, and others have been able to accomplish this also.  So if you need to work on this, just drop me an email.  I will happily send you an attachment.

Do you get tired of a knitting project before you are finished?  Well, the Avocet B cardigan is getting tiresome, so I have taken a break by learning to do a shawl (actually it is a big bandana).  It is not a fancy shawl, very simple pattern -- but it is a good way to use some cotton yarn left over from Husker's green pullover.  It is certainly going fast!  However, before I can really claim it to be finished, I will need to buy a set of blocking wires.  Have you noticed how much stuff you can "need" for knitting?  We could take a small vacation on what I have spent in the last year for my new hobby. 

I went to the dermatologist yesterday about a little red dot beneath an eye and next to my nose.  Yup, it is coming off.  However, it will swell and generally look atrocious for a while.  I was asked if I was planning to go to a wedding or anything soon.  Lots of stuff coming down other than a wedding, so the little red dot will come off on June 3rd.  So I will look awful for my birthday on June 11th. 

We hit 90 degrees May 11th.  It was in the 60s earlier this week.  Texas weather ...  And the AC was not working.  The repairman came out yesterday, and fortunately, the offending part is under warranty -- barely.  However, enough time had gone by that the labor was not under warranty.  When you are hot, you don't care.  Just fix it!  We are now very very cool.  No one can live in Texas without good old air conditioning. 

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