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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

George and Susan get Married

Husker and I went to a wedding on May 1, 2010, and it was a very merry time.  Actually, the wedding couple were friends of mine, but Husker seems to have decidedly enjoyed himself among so many strangers.  His route to a good time is all about degrees of separation ...

While standing outside the chapel, I introduced him to another student at the same yoga studio that I attend and her husband who happen to live in Denton.  Because of their domicile, Husker could not resist asking if they knew the Eli Young Band which started in Denton.  They began to talk about how much they liked the band, their daughter was a friend of a young lady who was engaged to a member of the band, etc., etc.  Bingo!  Was the young bride named Sarah and was she engaged to the bass player?  Yes!  The bass player is Husker's youngest son.  So we were all bonding then and there.  It is such a small world.

This morning proved once again that it is a small world.  The church choir had a guest soloist for Missa Gaia, Brad Leoli.  Brad is a teacher of saxaphone at Denton's U of North Texas.  Did he know Cheree W, a student there of saxaphone performance?  Yes!  The world shrinks a little more.  Cheree is another attendee of the said same yoga studio.

But back to the most important topic of the last evening...

George is our common yoga teacher (see how this all ties together), and one fine teacher he is.  Well, about 47 years ago, he asked out a certain fair-haired lady with whom he went to high school.  She said no because of some restrictions on dating by her parents.  He thought she didn't like him.  Fast forward about 45 years, and he moved back to Big D and guess whom he ran into?  As the wedding invitation said, a spark was kindled, and the rest is history.  The wedding was held in the first church founded in Dallas (1844) in the continuously used site (1856).  The venue was beautiful and packed with yogis, old classmates, friends, family.  The groom and best man wore their kilts, and the bride was beyond beautiful.  The reception was held at the home of the bride, and there were so many people there that one had to be careful about walking around the pool.  I was sure that someone would take a bath before the evening was out.  A band played, the wine and champagne poured, and the buffet dinner was stretched out over two rooms.

Husker was able to put a face on many of the names that I sprinkle through my conversations about my yoga classes at the Iyengar Studio.  He decided that he likes those folks.  However, he is not going to start taking classes.

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