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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Women in Wine

The title sounds like we were immersed in a barrel of wine.  Far from it!

It is actually the title of an event on the calendar for Grace, a delightful almost 2-year-old restaurant in Fort Worth, TX.  Four of my girlfriends and I went there this past Wednesday for this weekly affair in the bar.  Hosted by co-owner Caroline and sommelier, Jennie, it is an opportunity for ladies to sample 3 wines and partake of ample hor d'oerves.  Because the day was Cinco de Mayo, the featured wines were from Mexico.  You hear a little about the origin of the wines, and receive a handout that further details the wines of the evening.  It is a nice way to get out with your girlfriends, learn a little about wine, without stretching the wallet -- or waistline with a big meal.  Unfortunately, I was the designated driver, so all I could do was sip a little of  the wine, but not too much.  If you are ever in Fort Worth, look this gem up at, or go to 777 Main St.  Reservations are required for the dining room. 

Okay -- I must 'fess up.  Caroline and husband, Adam, are family.  Adam is my husband's son, and Caroline is his delightful business partner.  BUT, I am not prejudiced -- the restaurant is a real winner.

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